Whitening Treatments

Your smile is the first thing people notice when they meet you. A wide, open smile makes everyone around you comfortable, and lets them know that you are friendly and easy to be with. Nonetheless, many of us are unhappy with our smiles. If you are one of these people, visit Dr. Valdes at Floss in Mexico, and he will give you the smile you deserve! 

Our goal at Floss is to give you all the benefits of a great smile. We want to enhance your appearance, your confidence and your self-esteem. And give you the best teeth whitening options, including.

Zoom Whitening is an in-office teeth bleaching process that is widely known for its ability to quickly brighten teeth from the effects of discoloration. Dr. Valdes  will apply hydrogen peroxide gel on your teeth, then using an overhead lamp (UV light) will help to break down the activated gel. This allows oxygen to enter the enamel and dentin, bleaching the colored substances while leaving the structure of the teeth intact.

At-Home Treatments are also available at Floss; Dr. Valdes  will provide patients with custom bleaching trays to use with our professional-strength whitening gel. Dr. Valdes will explain how to use the gel/tray combination, then send you on your way to whiten in privacy. You’ll still get magnificent results with teeth that are six to ten shades whiter in about two weeks.


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